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Set Up
Want to do your own bookkeeping but need some help getting started? Getting your Business Books set up correctly from the start makes doing your own books much easier in the short-run and keeps you out of trouble in the long run. 

Our Company File set up services are tailored to your specific business requirements on MYOB, Reckon (formely QuickBooks) or Xero. We can guide and train you in doing your own set-up or we can do your initial set-up and then let you take it over from there.
Whether you are new to bookkeeping or already have prior experience, our training services are tailored to your experience level and your specific businesses requirements. Unfortunately most courses that are available in MYOB etc have a basic and standardised syllabus that is "one size fits all". This may provide you with a certificate, but often it does not address the real-life practical needs of your business and specific situation.  

We can customise your training to provide a real-world context that is directly applicable to your business and so provides you superior learning outcomes to the "off-the-shelf" courses at TAFEs and RTOs. 
We are qualified Trainers and Assessors and as such are well equipped to tailor your training to meet your specific and unique learning requirements. 

Furthermore, because you are dealing with proper Accounting Business, and not "just another bookkeeper", we can train you in more than just "how" to enter data into MYOB or any other software package. We can provide you greater in-depth guidance on the "why" background for correct Accounting treatment. Consequently, you will be a more efficient and effective bookkeeper who will be far better equipped to handle a wider variety of issues (e.g. superior analysis, trouble shooting, handling non-standard transactions etc).
Company FIle Reviews
Already doing your own books and want to make sure you're on the right track? We can perform a Company File Health Check Review to ensure you are performing your bookkeeping correctly and efficiently on your MYOB, RECKON (QuickBooks) or XERO Company File. 

After conducting our Review we provide you with a written report that includes:
* Identification of errors, issues and concerns
* Recommendations and suggested prioritisation for remediation issues
* Suggestions for improvement in bookkeping practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness
Following your receipt of our Review Report, you can decide what, if anything, you want done, and who you want to do it - of course we are available to implement any fixes and recommendations should you want us to, or you may choose to do it yourself with our support and guidance.